The Psychic Hairstylist


Rob has been in the business for forty years and still finds it to be wonderfully enjoyable. He knew at fourteen years of age that he would become a hairdresser though family expectations required that he get a college education first. Family obligations met, Rob attended beauty school in Hollywood and immediately bought a salon in Redondo Beach where he worked for twenty-five years. The need for a better quality of life required that he move back to his roots in Sonoma County.

Over the years, having experienced many new styles and trends, a new challenge is still always welcomed to stimulate Rob’s creativity. He specializes in cuts and color. Rob loves what he does and the interaction with customers, but foremost he strives to satisfy a customer’s needs with professionalism. He is excellent at working with a customer’s wishes or creating with less direction.

Rob is a spiritualist and expresses this through hands-on healing and channeling. He considers himself to be a psychic hairstylist from which the visions help him to excel at his profession. His latest book, The Awakening of a Wizard, focusing on the teachings of Merlin, has just been published. It is a multi-dimensional, consciousness raising experience.

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